Specialist in high-quality diving systems and equipment

Hytech-Pommec is specialist in high-quality diving systems and equipment. With a broad customer base, including various navies, governmental organisations, salvage companies and inshore/offshore diving contractors, we have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing safe, and reliable diving equipment. We are also able to integrate diving systems from every reputable supplier.

Surface-supplied diving

Surface-supplied diving equipment has been Hytech-Pommec’s core business for more than 45 years. We deliver exceptional functional equipment that meets the latest rules and regulations. From the smallest components to full air dive spreads, our experienced design, project and manufacturing teams treat every item with the utmost care. We want our customers to achieve the highest level of safety and efficiency during their diving operations.

Saturation diving

Hytech-Pommec designs, manufactures and delivers components, as well as equipment, to facilitate safe and efficient (saturation) diving operations. The components, such as scrubbers, heaters and silencers, have been designed to fulfil the strictest requirements. The Hytech-Pommec self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboat (SPHL) has been designed to fit all the deep dive saturation systems of internationally well-known suppliers. Our vast expertise makes us the most experienced hyperbaric lifeboat system manufacturer in the world. As a reliable supplier of saturation diving solutions, we are well aware of the legislation that customers have to comply with. Hytech-Pommec has become an authority in this field and is actively involved in the development of new regulations.


  • (classed) air dive spreads
  • deck decompression chambers
  • launch and recovery systems (LARS)
  • wet bells
  • diving support systems
  • self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboats Diving Control Container (DCC)
  • diving panels
  • personal equipment and tools (official Kirby Morgan dealer)

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